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Back Alley -- Lighting Breakdown + Lights

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In this video breakdown, you will find:

  1. The reasoning behind the creation of each of the lights to focus attention on the points of interest.
  2. You will see how to create a sense of depth by creating ramps and emphasizing specular highlights in a natural way.
  3. You will also learn how to simulate the light from the store so that the assets and surrounding walls feel as natural as possible.
  4. Additionally, you will see how to properly set up the signal lights to add a bit more dynamism to the scene and give it a little more depth

💡 What you get:


  1. Back Alley lights 2024 maya file
  2. Back alley scene setup PDF
  3. Back alley lights breakdown PDF (summarized video content)
  4. Back alley sourceimages from my Dropbox. (Heavy file 8Gb)

🎞️ All the videos are in 2 different folders one in English with English subtitles and the other in Spanish
⚠️ The English lenguage was created from text , no will be the best of the english but I believe it's clear enough.

  1. Introduction EN/ES
  2. Maya Setup EN/ES
  3. Ambient Lights EN/ES
  4. Practical Lights EN/ES
  5. Signs Lights EN/ES

⚠️ Terms of use:

  • This asset and all its contents are not intended for commercial use
  • This product is solely intended for personal of a single student use.
  • You can't share the video content.
  • You cannot use the asset to create paid tutorials or give any type of paid or unpaid training
  • You are not allowed to split, share, republish, or resell the model, parts, setup, or settings for any commercial or non-commercial purposes.
  • You are also not allowed to claim ownership of the work

🙏 Give me credit:

Creating this asset has been a result of hard work.
I would appreciate some recognition for it. I would be very grateful.


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Back Alley -- Lighting Breakdown + Lights

3 ratings
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