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Arcade Salon -- Premium Editions

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👋 Hellow and Welcome! It is my pleasure to present my latest asset: an impressive Arcade Salon featuring some of the most iconic arcade machines from the 80s, which I personally enjoyed playing during my childhood. The retro and stylized design of the scene makes it perfect for anyone seeking an authentic and nostalgic experience.

The Idea.

For the idea, I worked with Midjourney (an AI that turns text into images) and tried different prompts until I found the one that best matched what I was thinking. I wanted it to be an interior so that I could practice with practical lights.


The modeling is optimized so that the files are not too heavy and it is lightweight to work with. The textures are of good quality and also not too heavy. The shaders are balanced to work well with physically correct lights.

What you can do with it.

Mainly, you can expand your skills by working with practical lights. There are several practical light points throughout the scene, so you can place them wherever you like and give the scene your personal style.

Expanding knowledge.

If you are starting out in the world of lighting or even if you are a professional and want to know the processes I followed with the lighting of the scene, I recommend that you take a look at the Light Edition version. There you can find some quick and direct videos on how to create the light rig for the screens, neon lights, and other lights in the scene. Moreover, if you want customize your own machine, you can download the Substance Edition version. I have created a video with the worflow to place your favorite arcade machine images in the substance painter layers.

What you get:

🕹️ Free Edition.
You will receive the Maya 2023 files for the scene, including textures and shaders ready for lighting. Please note that this version does not include the backlit shader.

💡 Lights Edition:
You will receive the Maya 2023 files, all the lights used in the scene image, and shaders prepared for backlighting. Additionally, you will receive three video tutorials

  • Learn how to create a light rig for a backlit screen
  • Learn how to create a neon light rig for the scene
  • Learn how to fill the scene with detail lights.

🖌️ Substance Edition:
You will receive the Substance Painter files for an arcade machine, including all texture passes, as well as a video breakdown explaining how can you custom your own arcade machine.

👾 Commercial Edition: This version is intended for schools that want to use this asset with their students and practice with practical lights. With this version, you will receive a license to use the scene, and it includes all other versions.

Terms of use.

If you are a lighting student and want to practice with practical lights, it's perfect for you. If you are a professional and want to add more work to your portfolio, you can adapt the environment lights to your style. If you are a school and want to incorporate this scene into your lighting classes to address the topic of practical lights, you would need to acquire the Commercial Edition version.
You are not allowed to split, share, republish, or resell the model, parts, setup, or settings for any commercial or non-commercial purposes. You are also not allowed to claim ownership of the work. This product is solely intended for personal, private use. You cannot use the asset to create paid tutorials or give any type of paid training if you do not acquire the commercial license

Give me credit.

As a 3D artist, I'm always looking for new ways to bring my creations to life. Through my work, I strive to convey emotions and tell stories that captivate my audience. I love experimenting with different techniques and tools to achieve stunning results.
By sharing my models with others, I hope to inspire other artists and creatives to explore their own path in the world of 3D art. As such, if you decide to use my models in your own creations, I only ask that you give me credit and share a link to my work so that others can discover it as well. It's always a pleasure to see my models come to life in the hands of other talented artists!
If you like it and found it helpful, please consider leaving a review and a tip. It would be greatly appreciated and help me create more stuff like this!

Reach out to me.


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Arcade Salon -- Premium Editions

11 ratings
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